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“Retrospective Blurs” by Alex Mausolf

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Meet the Facilitator


Alex Mausolf has a lived experience of complex mental health challenges in his life.

Digital photography has allowed Alex the opportunity to experience Mindfulness regularly and easily, it has also been a huge part of his journey to recovery. ​Sharing this experience of wellbeing with others is a driving passion for Alex.


Alex has a past history of providing training through WEA and TAFESA adult community education units.


Alex has recently been taken on as a SANE Australia Peer Ambassador, for the 2018 intake, and has been invited to speak about Happy Snappers at the 2018 TheMHS Mental Health Conference. He is a vocal and active advocate for better mental health treatment and rights for those living with mental health challenges in their lives through a variety of mental health advisory panels, bodies and social movements.



Alex Mausolf

Founder / Facilitator / Social Innovator

Our Current Programmes:


*** All currently booked out, sorry. ***

Tuesday Morning

Women’s Only Group

9:15am – 12pm

Tuesdays from 08/05/2018

Hackham West Community Centre

44 Glynville Drive

Hackham West, 5163



Friday Morning

Mixed Group

9:15am – 12pm

Fridays from 11/05/2018

Hackham West Community Centre

44 Glynville Drive

Hackham West, 5163



Photographic Editing

6 Week Workshop

12:30pm – 2:30pm

Wednesdays from 30/05/2018

Hackham West Community Centre

44 Glynville Drive

Hackham West, 5163



Latest News

April 24, 2018

What Is Mindfulness?

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Mindfulness” used before. So, exactly what is it? Can it only be practiced by Buddhists?

Alex Mausolf

Founder / Facilitator

Social Innovator

March 20, 2018

Why use cameras?

Academic, peer-reviewed studies have shown that Mindfulness is easily accessed through the use of a camera.

Alex Mausolf

Founder / Facilitator

Social Innovator

February 08, 2018

What’s It All About?

Mindful Photography? Happy Snappers? Where did the idea actually come from and why even bother doing it at all?

Alex Mausolf

Founder / Facilitator

Social Innovator

What people are saying:

” Alex, I’m so grateful to know you well. Your authenticity and generosity of spirit is rare and inspiring.


I consider myself blessed to be able to spend time with you in nature, exploring mindful creativity and learning so much from your uniquely intuitive, highly informed and empathetic teaching style.


The humanity and humbleness you bring to all of your interpersonal relationships is beautiful to behold.


Namaste. “



After helping a participant to acquire a DSLR camera:


” Thank you again so much Alex, not only for the camera but all the support and all you give. “



”  I am a participant of Alexs mindful photography group. It’s a small managaeble group. We get on well and have many great laughs and many opportunities to take photographs of the many scenic places we visit.


I have love taking photos but since starting this group I have become much.more interested now. While out and about I now look around more for something to photograph.


The group has opened my eyes to whats around me and the opportunities to take lovely photographs.


I now also see why its called mindful photography as it takes your mind of your busy life as busy looking for that next photo. “



” Happy Snappers Mindful photography gives me an opportunity to learn new things while doing something I love. It is an opportunity for me to have some “me time” in nature and capturing beautiful moments in our community.


Alex is helpful and informative. He allows opportunities to freestyle but also presents opportunities to learn different perspectives and camera settings.


I am only able to access this because it’s low cost in our community.


I thank Alex for his gentle approach and his understanding of our diverse issues.


I highly recommend this as an experience. “



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