Fundraising Exhibition

I have been amazed by the generosity of people from all over the globe with their support both in regards of finances and equipment, assisting me to get this simple idea up and running.


If my dream of having three lenses for each camera and the ability to offer these Mindful Photographic sessions for free to the participants is to be realised, I need more funds. There is only so far that my own money can stretch in regards to purchasing more equipment and paying for transport.


To assist with this goal, I have a fundraising exhibition to be held as a part of the upcoming 2018 SALA Festival, during the entire month of August, at:

Cibo Café

Colonnades Shopping Centre



10 limited edition A3 sized, one-off long-exposure images taken by me are available for purchase there, ranging in price from $200 – $280.*


They are all printed on archival quality paper and are framed in simple, modern, black timber frames with white matte surrounds.


* All proceeds are going towards the purchase of more equipment for the Happy Snappers Adelaide participants to be able to further explore their photography with and also in covering the expenses of transport, allowing the participants some much needed time out in Nature as a safe, regular experience.